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Does Your Car Need an Oil Change?

Your vehicle needs good oil to function properly. Without good motor oil, your car’s engine and its parts won’t be able to move properly without overheating. You can’t skip out on oil changes. Over time oil gets old and needs to be replaced. But when do you get an oil change? Our highly trained team of experienced mechanics at Auto Clinic of Maryland, located in Finksburg, Maryland, are experts at ensuring engines run as smoothly as possible. Follow this guide below to help determine when your car needs an oil change.

Your car’s mileage

It’s generally recommended that your vehicle need an oil change every 3,000 miles. However, this isn’t always the case depending on your car’s model and other factors.

Manufacturer’s recommendation

When in doubt, check your car’s owner manual and follow your manufacturer’s recommendation on oil changes. Your car will be up-to-date with its maintenance needs if you do what’s best for your car.

Check oil light

Go to an auto repair shop when your car’s check oil light appears. Ignoring it can result in engine wear and loud knocking. Also, your engine will eventually seize up, which could be dangerous while driving.


Is your vehicle carrying a large load or pulling a trailer? If your vehicle carries a heavy load, be sure to get an oil change more often.


Your car will need an oil change more often if you’re in a hot or cold environment or an environment with extreme fluctuations.

Exhaust smoke

Excessive exhaust smoke may signify engine problems such as too much oil or an oil leak. You should take your car for an inspection at a local auto shop, and you may need an oil change.

Get Routine Oil Changes

Your car’s engine should work at its best performance with good motor oil after an oil change. Additionally, you need a professional to carefully consider what type of oil your vehicle needs. Call Auto Clinic of Maryland at (410) 876-6313 to schedule an appointment. Our ASE-certified team offers maintenance services, including oil changes, engine repair, tire repair, wheel alignments, and more.

Written by Auto Clinic of Maryland