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Several Things to Consider Before Driving in Weather

Just last weekend I was driving home during the ice storm and saw a car spin out which had me thinking- I wonder how many of our customers could use some helpful tips for driving in poor weather. Here are some tips that I have learned over the years: 4 Wheel Drive: The 4 wheel drive system helps the car gain traction and take off by giving power to all four wheels when you press the gas. What it doesn’t

Causes of Tire Wear and How to Increase Longevity

Not many people realize it, but vehicle tires are one of the most important aspects of an automobile. From having traction in snowy conditions to improving fuel economy, there are many benefits to having healthy tires. But with that being said, not many people realize when it’s time to get new tires, in addition to being aware of the benefits of healthy tires in the first place. Displayed below is more information regarding some common causes of tire wear and

Why we advise customers against aftermarket warranties!

So you’re at the dealership and about the purchase your vehicle. The sales staff member comes over and offers a vehicle warranty- something he or she says will fully protect you in the event that your engine, transmission, or any other large fault happens with your vehicle. What they don’t tell you is that according to consumer reports, the majority of those that purchase the warranty end up losing money on the investment. The rest of this blog is set

Winter Car Care Tips!

Winter weather is on the way and with it will come the need to drive in the snow and ice. Here at Caton Auto Clinic we have seen numerous incidents over the years and wanted to give you the following tips to help you be safe this winter: Allow plenty of time before traveling. Start your car early to allow for frost, ice, or snow to melt. Clean off any excess before driving- you are responsible for anything that flies

November Holiday Post

Here we are in the month of November. The wonderful colors of fall seem to be disappearing and temperatures are getting downright chilly. Here at Caton Auto Clinic we use November to really buy into the thankfulness that holidays in the month are designed around. We ended our Brakes for Breasts Campaign at the end of October where we replaced brake pads for free and donate 10% of all the brake labor to the Cleveland Clinic. This year, with the

Brakes for Breasts – October Post!

October has brought us plenty of good weather- we hope you have enjoyed it! October also means Brakes for Breasts for us where we give free brake pads away with any brake repair or brake service! On top of that 10% of the labor from any brake repair gets donated to the Cleveland Clinic to help develop their Breast Cancer Vaccination. With our work so far this month we have been able to raise $1974.95 with a few days to