The mission of Auto Clinic of Maryland is to provide peace of mind (which is priceless) to our customers, employees, their families, and our vendor partners.


By using old school business practices combined with new-age technology we provide peace of mind which will redefine expectations of the auto repair industry.

Business Fundamentals

Do the right thing

Integrity is not about convenience. It’s an unwavering commitment to do the right thing in every action we take and in every decision we make. 

“Bring it” Every Day

We have a finite amount of time to work in a day which we need to make the most of by approaching every task with energy, focus, purpose, and enthusiasm

Make Quality Personal 

At ACoM we don’t do good, we do exceptional. Take pride in everything you touch and everything you do. 

Be Performance Driven

At ACoM we certainly appreciate effort, but we reward and celebrate results. Set challenging goals and then go after them. Don’t shy from metrics or accountability. Numbers are the best tools to tell us how we are doing and how we can improve our performance. Holding ourselves accountable to results is a reflection of our commitment to the mission. 

Go the Distance

Be willing to do whatever it takes to finish the job, plus a little more. Going the distance separates the average person from a superstar. Be a superstar. 

Constantly Improve

Don’t be satisfied with the status quo. Everything we do can be improved in one way or another. Evaluate your processes and make recommendations to move things ahead. 

Take Responsibility

Identify what you don’t know and find a way to learn it. Ask what you need and take full responsibility for your success. There’s no room for victims in a high-performance organization. 

Strong Processes Set Predictable Success

From the appointment to the check, sale, repair, and goodbye our processes are developed and honed from years of experience. Leverage those processes to generate consistent results.

Honor Commitments

Our customers count on us from the second we make the reservation to make their lives easier. It is up to us to do what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it. 


Everything we do must follow the Triple-C. It must benefit the car, benefit the customer, and benefit the Clinic. If these are not met the repair should not be done. 

Embrace Change

Nothing stays the same. Change creates energy and excitement. Be inspired by both the challenges and possibilities that change brings. The better and faster we are at adapting to change, the stronger and more successful we become as a company. 

Appearance Counts

Everything speaks at ACoM. From the way we present our waiting rooms, restrooms, bays, and outdoor all the way to our personal selves. Take pride in the way you look and the way the shop looks each and every day. This is not someone else’s job, it's everyone's job! 

Be Punctual

Be on time for all meetings, timelines, and promises. How you manage time sends a message about how you respect others and how you value your own commitments. 

Be Quick to Ask and Slow to Judge

There is always more to the story than you think. Learn to ask others and gather the facts before jumping to conclusions and making judgments. Be curious as to what other information might give you a more complete picture.

ACoM is a Family

We care deeply about and support each other. This includes our associates, our customers, and our vendors. Look for meaningful opportunities to create personal connections that make a difference. 

Keep Things Fun

Laughter is like a lubricant that helps to grease ACoM’s gears. When we stop having fun, we lose the passion, energy, and enthusiasm to help give peace of mind. Be light-hearted and smile, laugh every day.