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Why should you choose to trust Auto Clinic of MD with your fleet?

Pick Up and Delivery

We will come to you so that you aren’t troubled getting the vehicle to us. As long as the vehicle is safe to operate we will pick it up and drop it back off to you! If for some reason the vehicle is unsafe to drive we can coordinate a tow for you with one of our partners.

Our Warranty is Unmatched!

We offer a 3yr/36k warranty on all non-wear items on our fleet repairs. You should expect nothing from the best from us as the best is what we expect of ourselves.

Loaner Van – need a vehicle?

When available we can provide you our fleet loaner van!


We understand it hurts you and your employees to have vehicles in our shop. If the vehicle is in our shop it can’t be making money for you. We do the following to help you reduce downtime:

  • We pick up and deliver around your timelines.
  • We fully diagnose the vehicle so you know exactly the scope of your needed services.
  • We use only the highest quality parts to avoid potential issues after repairs.
  • We have 36 bays, 8 technicians, and 3 apprentices to expedite repairs.
  • We employ 2 full time and 2 part time drivers to make sure your vehicles are sitting on your lot after the repair and not ours.
  • We look for the highest efficiency possible including having a facility manager to make sure our technicians can be as productive as possible.

Auto Clinic of MD's Fleet Service & Repair.
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We understand your budget

Our goal is to keep your repair bills to a minimum. Here are some ways we do so:

  • We prioritize your repairs. By letting you know what fixes your current problem, other safety issues, and things that are coming we can help you budget for the future!
  • Our technicians are not paid flat rate. Unlike many other shops out there we pay our technicians hourly so you can trust their reports to be honest and truthful.
  • We offer several options for payment including 30-day terms!

Your Vehicles will be checked over, Every time

We promise to give a visual inspection every time a vehicle comes into our shop. While this inspection is not an in-depth diagnosis we do try to prevent downtime by catching potential issues in advance. You also will get a general inspection report each time the vehicle comes in complete with pictures and descriptions!

We work with Leasing Companies

Sometimes you need a helping hand to manage your fleet and we understand! We are more than happy to talk to Element Fleet Service, ARI, Donlen, and more to help you manage your fleet. We also accept the Wright Express payment card to help you!