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Four Types of Engine Oil You Need to Know About

Need an Oil Change? Call Our Team Today! Motor oil is essential for a properly functioning engine. Not only does it prevent your vehicle from overheating, but oil efficiently keeps all of your engine’s components lubricated. But what type of motor oil does your car need? What type of car you drive, your driving habits and the age of your engine all determine what type of oil your vehicle needs. At Auto Clinic of Maryland in Finksburg, Maryland, the automotive

Quality Oil Changes in Catonsville

The Importance of Oil Viscosity While many drivers are aware of the importance of routine oil changes, they may not know about a critical aspect of their engine oil: oil viscosity. This term refers to how easily the motor oil pours at certain temperatures. In the winter, regular oil can have increased viscosity and will have a tougher time pouring out. On the other hand, regular oil will pour out easier during the spring and summer months. But how does