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Is Your Car Battery Ready for the Winter?

Three Ways to Keep Winter from Killing Your Battery

Maryland can experience some pretty harsh weather during the winter months. From snow and sleet to ice and rain, the cold weather can cause slippery road conditions that are scary to drive in. But that’s not all – the winter can also negatively impact your battery.

Yep, you heard us correctly. Car batteries hate the cold. The lower the temperatures drop, the weaker your car battery will become. Even a fully-charged, fairly-new battery won’t work at 100% during frigid weather.

It’s critical to ensure your automotive battery is ready for the winter. The last thing you want is to be stranded out in the cold with a dead battery. Here are three ways to keep the cold from killing your battery, from the car battery replacement experts at Auto Clinic of Maryland in Catonsville, Maryland.

Get Your Battery Inspected

Be sure to take your car to our shop and have your battery checked well before the wintery weather hits. Our team will run a thorough battery test to check for any weaknesses. If our auto repair technicians spot any corrosion or other issues, we can replace your battery right away. Faulty batteries are more prone to dying in the cold.

Keep Driving

During the winter, never let your car sit for too long. Even if it’s as little as ten minutes, driving every day will keep your car battery working in peak condition. Your vehicle’s engine warms the battery as you drive, helping it to survive colder temperatures.

However, if your car is having difficulty starting up, it might be an early sign of a dying battery. Driving won’t help revive a battery that’s already dead. Make an appointment at Auto Clinic of Maryland to replace your battery.

If Possible, Park Your Car in the Garage

If you have a garage or even a hutch, park your car there during the winter. If you don’t have a garage, park your vehicle as close to a warm building as possible. If you have a weak car battery, it has to be warm to start your car. While a fully-charged battery can resist super low temperatures, a weaker one may die. That’s why it’s so important to have your battery checked.

Get Your Car Winter Ready

To ensure your car is ready for the winter, make an appointment at Auto Clinic of Maryland in Catonsville, Maryland. Our car battery replacement experts will test your battery and replace it if necessary.

Call us at (410) 876-6313 to schedule your auto service appointment.

Written by Auto Clinic of Maryland