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Why is Your Engine Overheating?

If your car’s engine overheats, you’ve probably noticed common symptoms such as steam coming from the engine, thumping noises, a burning smell, or poor acceleration. However, just knowing the symptoms is the first step. There are a few reasons your engine may need engine repair, and a certified auto technician will know exactly how to diagnose it. Below, learn the signs our ASE-certified auto mechanics at Auto Clinic of Maryland inspect and diagnose for excellent engine repair.

  • Your car has a cooling system leak.
  • Your car’s cooling system consists of many components such as the freeze plug, pressure cap, and reserve tank. The cooling system ensures your car cools efficiently, but if you have a cooling system leak, your car will need engine repair. If you see a leak on the ground and it looks like the color of your coolant, your vehicle has a cooling system leak.

  • Your radiator is malfunctioning.
  • Your radiator is an important part of your car’s cooling system because it converts the heat from the engine into air. If your radiator is malfunctioning, your car’s engine will have trouble cooling down and need engine repair. Your vehicle’s radiator might malfunction due to leaks in the radiator hose in the cooling system, a broken fan, or a bad thermostat. Make sure you take care of your radiator to avoid your engine overheating.

  • Your belt is failing.
  • Your engine’s serpentine belt plays a critical role since it ensures that your power steering, air pump, and water pump are working properly. Usually, a belt malfunctions with time, so it’s important to get it inspected at an auto repair shop for routine maintenance. Not only can ignoring a failing belt result in an overheating engine, but a malfunctioning belt can also cause air conditioning problems and difficulties driving, and your battery might not be able to charge.

    Is Your Engine Overheating?

    If you notice your engine is overheating, it’s best to get engine repair as soon as possible because it may cause your car to break down. If you need help with your overheating engine, bring your car to Auto Clinic of Maryland in Catonsville, Maryland, for professional and efficient engine repair. Our ASE-certified team of expert auto mechanics is dedicated to providing high-quality engine repair and car maintenance services.

    Written by Auto Clinic of Maryland