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Why Do You Need a Wheel Alignment?

Over time, your vehicle wheels will shift and cause misalignment. Sometimes it’s not noticeable until you get a flat tire or damage to the axle of your car. A wheel alignment is important for safe and smooth driving because the steering wheel interacts with your tires. Minor adjustments in a wheel alignment ensure that your tires are properly lined up and aid your car is driving straight. At Auto Clinic of Maryland in Finksburg, Maryland, our trusted team of ASE-certified technicians perform precise wheel alignments and know exactly why you need a wheel alignment.

  • Your steering wheel pulls left or right
  • Do you have to constantly turn the wheel to drive straight and avoid drifting? Whether it’s hard or soft pulling, it’s dangerous not to have full control of your car. Get a wheel alignment if you notice you need to hold the steering wheel off-center to keep it aligned.

  • Your car shakes while you drive
  • If you notice your car shaking or vibrating while driving, it can affect your driving performance. Your tires are moving in different directions, and your steering wheel is trying to accommodate it. You might ignore it at low speeds, but the problem will be even more noticeable at high speeds.

  • You have uneven wear on your tires
  • Your tires should have even tread wear patterns for a smooth drive. If your car has uneven tread on one or multiple tires, you will need a wheel alignment to fix the problem.

  • You were in an accident
  • Even small, low-speed accidents can cause your tires to get misaligned. Additionally, if you hit a deep pothole or curb, your car may have alignment problems.

TIme for a Wheel Alignment

If you notice these warning signs, you should schedule a wheel alignment as soon as possible. Driving with misaligned wheels is dangerous for everyone’s safety, making driving in a straight line difficult. Only an experienced automotive technician can perform wheel alignments to make accurate and minor adjustments suitable for your car.

When you need a wheel alignment, get your wheels aligned by our highly trained and trusted auto mechanics at Auto Clinic of Maryland. Our award-winning automotive technicians will ensure that your vehicle is working at its best overall performance.

Written by Auto Clinic of Maryland