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Key Replacement

It is no secret that the world is experiencing shortages of many products but, what isn’t as widely reported is the why behind it. One such product for automotive is the keys to go with your car that have shortages because there aren’t enough microchips for them. With this microchip shortage, many dealers are only able to give one key per vehicle which leaves you stranded if you lose it.


We have always tried to provide solutions to potential issues ahead of time which is why we have found a partner in the key industry which allows us to make a copy of your existing key and program another fob! No matter if you lost a key or just only were provided one we can help now that we can make keys in (Catonsville) (Westminster/Finksburg). Stop in today and have a key made for just 15 minutes of time and hundreds less than the dealers!

Written by Auto Clinic of Maryland