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Four Reasons Why You Need an Oil Change

Sometimes, after an oil change, our mechanics at Auto Clinic of Maryland in Catonsville get asked, “When’s the next time I should get my car’s oil changed?” And there’s no clear-cut answer since it depends on your car and how much you drive. However, you shouldn’t wait to change it if you suspect your car needs one. If you don’t get regular oil changes, you could be risking some serious engine issues. Below, learn four reasons you should get an oil change to preserve your car’s lifespan.

  1. Oil changes prevent engine wear and tear
  2. Your engine is made from many parts that move and rub against each other at high speeds, causing friction. Motor oil degrades over time which reduces its ability to reduce friction. Additionally, oil gets burned away the more you drive. Don’t avoid getting routine oil changes if you want to prevent wear and tear.

  3. They’re essential for a clean engine
  4. Metal shavings (debris) fill up your vehicle’s oil filter due to the engine’s components rubbing against each other. Dirt and dust may also enter your car’s engine and clogs your oil filter. Good engine oil removes the debris, protecting your engine while keeping it clean.

  5. You’ll keep repair costs to a minimum
  6. When your car’s engine is running smoothly, you have less risk of any expensive car repairs. A common reason cars experience engine damage is a car owner neglecting to get a routine oil change. If you don’t get your car’s oil changed in time, engine repair can be costly and may take a while to fix if its damage becomes severe. However, regular oil changes are quick and inexpensive, so it’s smart to get them and avoid a large bill and inconveniences to your schedule.

  7. Improve your car’s mileage
  8. Did you know that avoiding oil changes negatively affects the environment and your car’s mileage? Dirty oil makes engines work harder, burns more fuel, and causes more emissions. Extend your car’s lifespan, keep your fuel consumption to a minimum, and pass your emissions test easily by getting regular oil changes at a local auto repair shop.

Routine Oil Changes at Auto Clinic of Maryland

It’s time for an oil change if you notice your engine is in overdrive or there is a decrease in your mileage. If you’re located in Catonsville, Maryland, get quick and efficient oil changes at Auto Clinic of Maryland. Our certified expert mechanics provide excellent repair services, including oil changes and engine repairs. Schedule your next oil change today, get the same day drop off and pick up, and text updates by calling us at (410) 876-6313.

Written by Auto Clinic of Maryland