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Common Signs Your Car Needs AC Repair

Driving while your air conditioning isn’t working can make driving uncomfortable, especially during the summer heat. If you notice a difference with your car’s AC, your car may be due for AC repair. Learn some early signs of when your car is due for AC repair. Our expert team of auto technicians at Auto Clinic of Maryland in Finksburg offers auto AC repair services. We’re glad to explain common signs to look out for when your car’s air conditioning may need repair.

You smell something bad.

If you smell something moldy or unpleasant emanating from your vents, you may have a mold problem, and your air filter needs to be changed. You might just think, “I’ll just open the window.” However, your health needs to get auto AC repair if your car has mold, bacteria, or fungi trapped in the dashboard. If you ignore the problem and open your window, you will inhale mold, bacteria, and other car fumes. Get auto AC repair by a trusted auto mechanic not just for your car but for your health as well.

You hear weird sounds.

When you turn on your car’s AC, do you hear a strange noise such as banging or rattling? Your AC may have a dying compressor or cross-contaminated refrigerant. You may tune the sound out, but it’s smart to get auto AC to repair to prevent expensive costs from further wear to your AC’s components.

Cold air isn’t coming out.

If your AC doesn’t blow cold air, it may just need recharging (which is a quick fix). It can also be a sign of a refrigerant leak. Your AC needs sufficient refrigerant to function properly. A leak can occur in your AC’s components, such as its hoses, connection, or compressor. You should seek auto AC repair because refrigerant leaks are difficult to identify without a professional auto mechanic’s diagnostic equipment.

Don’t Ignore AC Problems

You deserve to drive at a comfortable temperature with a clean air filter, especially while it’s hot. Whenever you need quick and inexpensive auto AC repair, visit Auto Clinic of Maryland in Finksburg to get your AC in great working condition. Our highly trained automotive mechanics will analyze and fix every part of your car’s AC components with the most updated equipment.

Written by Auto Clinic of Maryland