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Common Engine Problems

Your engine’s performance is important

Most engine problems can be easily avoided with routine maintenance and oil changes. When your engine starts to fail, several things can go wrong with your car. Our highly trained auto mechanics at Auto Clinic of Maryland are glad to diagnose and explain common engine problems your car may have and what causes them.

  • The service engine soon light is on.
  • If your service engine turns on, don’t ignore it. It indicates if your car needs engine repair due to your car’s engine, emission, or powertrain controls. The service engine’s soon light may turn on due to worn-out spark plugs, a loose or missing gas cap, poor fuel quality, or electronic control module failure.

  • Your engine overheats.
  • An overheating engine is most frequently caused by a defective thermostat, dirty or low coolant level, coolant leaks, a failed radiator hose, or a non-functioning cool fan. If you notice your temperature gauge or temperature light is red, there is excessive smoke, the smell of a chemical burn, or poor acceleration, your car is due for engine repair.

  • You hear loud noises.
  • If you hear a loud tapping or popping sound, this could indicate detonation in your engine’s cylinders. Detonation usually occurs when gas ignites prematurely, and ignoring this can lead to expensive piston damage if you don’t get engine repair as soon as possible.

  • It won’t start.
  • The most common engine problem that can be a huge inconvenience occurs when your engine doesn’t start. If you hear your engine clicking, but there’s no crack, your car’s battery is faulty. When there’s a crank, but it still doesn’t start, your car may have an ignition or fuel problem. Your car’s motor oil could be the culprit of a failing engine. Even the best oil eventually degrades, so it’s important to get regular oil changes and engine repairs when needed.

Avoid Common Engine Trouble

If your car is exhibiting any of the above common engine problems, you will need to get engine repair by a trusted auto mechanic. Located in Finksburg, Maryland, Auto Clinic of Maryland is here to provide high-quality engine repair services to each of our customers. Our ASE-certified automotive technicians will inspect and service your car for engine repair, as well as provide efficient auto repair services with the most advanced diagnostic equipment. Give us a call at (410) 876-6313 to schedule your appointment today.

Written by Auto Clinic of Maryland