Tire Repair

Are You Confused About Your Tires Losing Air?

Have you inspected your tires after noticing they are losing more air than they have in the past? You might be confused if you don’t see any punctures or tears, but there can be a few other reasons why your car has tire damage and needs repair. Auto Clinic of Maryland, located in Catonsville, Maryland, offers high-quality tire service. Our technicians will explain exactly why your tires keep losing air. Your tires have rim damage. Have you dented your rims

Understanding Tire Sidewall Markings

How to Properly Read Tire Markings It’s a smart decision to check your tires for wear and tear routinely and to ensure they have enough air. During your inspection, you might have noticed a sequence of numbers and letters on the sidewall of the tire. These markings are much more important to understand than you might think. These letters and numbers tell you if the tires meet the safety standards of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). They also indicate

Need New Tires? Call Us Today!

Types of Tires You Need to Know About Whether you’ve suffered a blowout or have a slow leak, it’s easy to know when your vehicle needs new tires. But do you know what type of tires your car needs? With so many tire types available, it can be a daunting decision. Luckily, the tire repair professionals at Auto Clinic of Maryland in Catonsville, Maryland, are here to help. When you book a tire appointment at our shop, we’ll work closely