Engine Repair

Common Engine Problems

Your engine’s performance is important Most engine problems can be easily avoided with routine maintenance and oil changes. When your engine starts to fail, several things can go wrong with your car. Our highly trained auto mechanics at Auto Clinic of Maryland are glad to diagnose and explain common engine problems your car may have and what causes them. The service engine soon light is on. If your service engine turns on, don’t ignore it. It indicates if your car

Why is Your Engine Overheating?

If your car’s engine overheats, you’ve probably noticed common symptoms such as steam coming from the engine, thumping noises, a burning smell, or poor acceleration. However, just knowing the symptoms is the first step. There are a few reasons your engine may need engine repair, and a certified auto technician will know exactly how to diagnose it. Below, learn the signs our ASE-certified auto mechanics at Auto Clinic of Maryland inspect and diagnose for excellent engine repair. Your car has