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Are You Confused About Your Tires Losing Air?

Have you inspected your tires after noticing they are losing more air than they have in the past? You might be confused if you don’t see any punctures or tears, but there can be a few other reasons why your car has tire damage and needs repair. Auto Clinic of Maryland, located in Catonsville, Maryland, offers high-quality tire service. Our technicians will explain exactly why your tires keep losing air. Your tires have rim damage. Have you dented your rims

Four Reasons Why You Need an Oil Change

Sometimes, after an oil change, our mechanics at Auto Clinic of Maryland in Catonsville get asked, “When’s the next time I should get my car’s oil changed?” And there’s no clear-cut answer since it depends on your car and how much you drive. However, you shouldn’t wait to change it if you suspect your car needs one. If you don’t get regular oil changes, you could be risking some serious engine issues. Below, learn four reasons you should get an

Extended Warranties

…and Their Dangers Extended warranties have been around for years, well before the scam calls started. We’ve actually heard a few legitimate advertisements for them recently. Many customers have asked us, should I buy an extended warranty when I purchase my next car? And we thought it would be prudent to give some advice on things to remember when making your decision. Let’s take you through an actual process with aftermarket extended warranties from our experience and let you decide

Oil Changes

Random Trivia Fact: Did you know that Auto Clinic of Maryland- Caton Auto Clinic served as the national technical hotline for Jiffy Lube in the 80’s and 90’s which means whenever Jiffy Lube had a problem they called us to fix it? Pretty impressive for an auto repair shop in Catonsville, Md!   Many times oil changes are looked at as just a quick service that anyone could do however, that’s not really the case. What isn’t always recognized are

Key Replacement

It is no secret that the world is experiencing shortages of many products but, what isn’t as widely reported is the why behind it. One such product for automotive is the keys to go with your car that have shortages because there aren’t enough microchips for them. With this microchip shortage, many dealers are only able to give one key per vehicle which leaves you stranded if you lose it.   We have always tried to provide solutions to potential

Check Engine Light On? Understand the Reasons Why

Five Reasons Your Check Engine Light is On When your check engine light pops on your dashboard, it can cause a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. You may be thinking, “What’s wrong with my car? Will it be expensive to repair?” There are several reasons behind an illuminated check engine light. That’s why it’s important to get check engine light diagnostics services from a trained technician. Auto Clinic of Maryland in Finksburg, Maryland, discusses five common culprits

Keep Your Fleet in Optimal Condition

Five Tips to Manage Your Fleet Maintenance Having a fleet of well-maintained vehicles keeps your drivers safe and your business efficiently working, boosting your reputation and your profits. But what should you be doing to keep your fleet in amazing condition? The fleet repair specialists at Auto Clinic of Maryland in Catonsville are here to help. Here are five simple tips for managing your fleet maintenance. Trim Your Bottom Line with Preventive Maintenance >Routine auto maintenance services are essential to

Know the Telltale Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

Five Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment Imagine this: you’re driving down the highway on your way to work. You feel that your vehicle isn’t handling normally. You might have trouble steering or keeping your car moving straight down the road. So what’s the problem? You probably need a wheel alignment. A wheel alignment ensures all four tires are driving straight. When they’re misaligned, you can experience decreased drivability and handling. The tire repair technicians at Auto Clinic of Maryland

Affordable and Amazing Auto Repair in Your Area

Deciding to Pay for Auto Repair with a Credit Card Having a credit card to pay for unexpected emergencies is often a smart idea. But should you use your credit card to cover your auto repair costs? Can this impact your credit score? If you’re wondering if you should pay your automotive repair bill with a credit card, Auto Clinic of Maryland in Catonsville, Maryland, is here to help. Auto Repair Costs Auto repair is as important as routine vehicle

Understanding Tire Sidewall Markings

How to Properly Read Tire Markings It’s a smart decision to check your tires for wear and tear routinely and to ensure they have enough air. During your inspection, you might have noticed a sequence of numbers and letters on the sidewall of the tire. These markings are much more important to understand than you might think. These letters and numbers tell you if the tires meet the safety standards of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). They also indicate