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Are You Confused About Your Tires Losing Air?

Have you inspected your tires after noticing they are losing more air than they have in the past? You might be confused if you don’t see any punctures or tears, but there can be a few other reasons why your car has tire damage and needs repair. Auto Clinic of Maryland, located in Catonsville, Maryland, offers high-quality tire service. Our technicians will explain exactly why your tires keep losing air.

  • Your tires have rim damage.
  • Have you dented your rims lately? Your rims must have a firm seal to your tires. You can dent your rims by driving over and hitting curbs, driving over potholes, and also driving with a flat tire. If your car’s rims become misaligned with your tires, you’ll need to go to a local auto repair shop to get tire repair.

  • The temperature affects tire pressure.
  • Hot and cold weather can cause tire pressure to fluctuate. If the temperature drops, your tires may lose PSI (pounds per square inch). Additionally, if your tires are old, they’re vulnerable to deflating or expanding due to the weather. However, you might not need a tire replacement: you might just need your tires inflated to the proper PSI according to your car’s model.

  • Your tires have valve stem damage.
  • Your tires may lose air due to damaged valve stems. Valve stems are also affected by severe weather. If you noticed valve stem damage, the seal of your tire’s inner tube is why your tires keep losing air.

We Offer Tire Repairs

Luckily, tires can be quickly repaired or replaced. If you notice air leaking out of one or more of your tires, get your tires checked at a local auto repair shop as soon as possible to avoid flat tires or steering issues. Auto Clinic of Maryland in Catonsville, Maryland, has you covered. We offer tire repair, including tire checks, refills, puncture repairs, rotations, and replacements. Call us at (410) 876-6313, and our team of tire specialists will get your tires to prime condition.

Written by Auto Clinic of Maryland